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Richest Neighborhoods of California

Sunday, June 19th, 2016 | Daniel Collins | General

It is definitely pretty safe to say that California is one of the wealthiest states in America and maybe that is just because of the really high gas prices out here but it also could just be because literally everything in southern and northern California seems to be really expensive and that is just what it is all about in terms of living in beautiful areas like California because of course it costs a lot of money to do things like live out here in a beautiful place like California. We can decipher all we really need to in terms of getting things done and just being super epic in a whole bunch of ways, but because this entire web page is all about neighborhoods and in particular really rich neighborhoods you can search recently built homes in the area: www.dougbartletthomes.com we are definitely going to have a lot to talk about in a whole bunch of areas in California. Southern California especially has a bunch of rich people and I think that is because there are a lot of opportunities to make a bunch of money out here in southern California and that may be because of the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding cities like Anaheim and Tustin and places like that, as well as Irvine and then San Diego.

But of course when we think of Orange County in California we are mostly talking about beach towns that just so happen to be some of the richest areas in the entire world yet alone California. Orange County is definitely a really interesting spot in California because of how rich a lot of people are there, and sometimes it is kind of hard to understand how exactly all these people got so rich because it doesn’t seem like there is much business or opportunity to make a bunch of money in these small little beach towns in Orange County, but somehow some way these people have made millions of dollars throughout their careers, and that of course is just super epic and one of the main reasons why this area of the world is so epic and rich. Of course there are a bunch of other areas even in southern California that are really wealthy as well, and when we go further south towards San Diego we can see small beach towns like Encinitas and La Jolla offering gigantic mansions at really high prices, and these places are of course really expensive and wealthy but that is just one of the main reasons why a lot of people are out in the world doing what they are doing so they can live in these beautiful areas of California with their families or whatever exactly they are doing and who they are living with in these gigantic homes.

But the richest neighborhoods in California are in Newport Beach and they are for sure going to be really wealthy there because Newport is definitely a really chilled out town that is full of a lot of fun as compared to other beach towns, but Newport is just one of those places in which we all can tell we are getting to stay in some super epic spots.