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Affluent American Neighborhoods

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 | Daniel Collins | General

I think there is definitely this strong inclination towards a lot of people wanting to know more about rich people and their lives in America, and I think there definitely is this really strong envy that thrives in this country towards the top 1% of our society. This is probably because the top 1% of our society is so much richer than the majority of all of us and we should definitely consider all of this type of stuff when we think about public sentiment towards the rich and wealthy sometimes being extremely angry and frustrated. There is no doubt about it that a majority of the American people are frustrated with the lives in which they live in and are not making as much money as they wised they could be, and that can definitely be a self-fulfilling prophecy in a sense because no one will really ever have as much money as they want to have until they are extremely rich and live in some of the most affluent American neighborhoods in the suburbs or mountains of whatever state in the country, most likely California or some other place like that. But what is super funny is that after doing a bunch of research on the most affluent neighborhoods in America we didn’t really find places like Beverly Hills to be on this list, although let’s be honest Beverly Hills is definitely one of the most affluent neighborhoods or towns in the entire country by far and is full of rich people doing rich things and not having to really have to worry about all of this type of stuff that normal people deal with in their everyday lives. So what we are going to be continuing to talk about in great detail in this article is just a continuation of our previous article about the best of the best when it comes to being a part of the most affluent neighborhoods in America, and our next of the most affluent neighborhoods in America is Beverly Hills located in Los Angeles. Now, let’s be clear and say that Beverly Hills is a pretty large area of Los Angeles and not necessarily everyone who lives in this area of the city is extremely rich, that is just not the case, but for the most part it is definitely the case and you can totally see all of these super rich people all of the time in this part of the city and when you are in a place like Beverly Hills you are totally going to be seeing all these other types of mansions and rich people in general, and that is just something that a lot of people know so much about, and that is mostly because Beverly Hills has become one of the most cliche rich neighborhoods in the entire country, and when you get to a place like Beverly Hills you will definitely start to realize what it is all about and why so many people like to go to places like this for some reason or another.